Nitrate Popping and Gay Men

I’ve heard a great deal regarding the particular link amongst nitrate popping and gay men. I go through a lot health-related publications due to the fact I am kind of a geek whenever it comes to that type of stuff. I work in an office, yet health care stuff has really been something which often has intrigued me. And it doesn’t hurt that it all can make me seem pretty brainy and well-informed in a lot of different conversations. Anyway, I’ve read a handful of items about nitrate popping and homosexual men, and I even have a direct affiliation to this phenomenon. No, I’m not gay, though I have quite a number of pals that are actually homosexual which have recently been practicing nitrate popping and they can all observe it in the gay and lesbian bars and night clubs in and around town. We are living in San Francisco, currently the lgbt capitol of the world, which means it’s not that uncommon.

Anyway, according many of these health care periodicals as well as to my lesbian and gay friends, gay men utilize nitrate poppers to increase sexual pleasure. Apparently, in cases where you have a nitrate popper a half an hour or so ahead of entering into lovemaking activity, the entire experience is intensified, which includes the most critical part, orgasm. According to my lesbian and gay friends, these poppers get your climaxes from great to extremely amazing. It’s hardly any secret that currently there tend to be a whole lot promiscuous homosexual men out there, specifically throughout this town. They all go out to the pubs hunting for the subsequent lovemaking companion and then they pop some nitrate poppers so that whenever they do get in a bed room together with their sexual partner, it may seem that much better.

One of my personal best friends that is gay yet that used to hide behind the cover of straight, has described it to me like this: nitrate poppers help make homosexual sexual intercourse as great as straight sex. You see, my pal has experienced sexual activities together with both guys and also women. And he informs me that it’s rather unfortunate because even though this person commonly likes sexual activities with men a whole lot more as compared with any time this guy used to have sexual intercourse with women, the particular moment of orgasmic pleasure is significantly more strong when it comes to a woman. He stated it’s simply not really feasible to be able to experience that stage of orgasmic fulfillment with another man. However, the nitrate poppers take gay intercourse right up to that level of male-female sex. And this is truly why nitrate popping can be so very common with gay men, both the promiscuous gay guys and any men in totally commited relationships.

I understand it could be a unpleasant embarrassing situation to talk about, nonetheless , it is actually a thing that will be taking place within our entire world and consequently that should be understood. I consider how my buddies have explained the idea tends to make perfect sense and in addition it all helps make any nitrate popping look like less of a crime.

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