How do I find Nar-Anon meetings?

I’ve been through a whole lot throughout my couple decades of life. I realize that people suppose I’m young, but I have already been through several pretty substantial things, so very large in fact that I really feel I am extremely damaged. I mean, growing up alongside an alcoholic father was never easy. Watching my parents struggle over my dad’s dependency on alcohol wasn’t easy either. Luckily, all of that was resolved. Having my mom spiral into clinical depression immediately after her dad’s dying was, well, depressing for me and I didn’t come out from this up until the time my mom did. Loosing our home simply because my dad couldn’t find the funds for it any longer wasn’t fun. Being bullied in school for being small was hell. Like I said, my own life has experienced certain really significant unfortunate events during it. However, one just lately left me simply scared.

My sis had become a substance addict a few years ago. She became addicted to crystal meth to be exact. When we found this out, I thought, great, more addiction in my own life. I believed after my father’s alcohol addiction that I wouldn’t have to cope with addiction in my immediate family members ever again, I was in fact wrong. My mom, my dad, and I worked so hard to find my sister the particular support the girl needed. She fought against us for each stage of the way. However, she subsequently gave in and proceeded to go to rehab. She came out looking like a brand new individual and moved back in with us. In that time of her residing together with all of us again, it got to be clear that she was not the sis we knew growing up, and currently there was still something wrong. It grew to be obvious that she had gone right back to doing drugs and was striving to hide this unsuccessfuly. We had to put her out with busted hearts.

A year later, she advised us all that she had gave up drugs, she acquired a job, and she was actually working to make her life better, she simply wanted a different place to be able to live. After working on some evaluating, my father and mother made a decision it was a risk they were able to take. They let the girl move back in with all of us and then all was in fact well for a couple months. And then things began to end up bad again. We began hearing and seeing several of those previous behaviors. She started really being unmanageable to be able to stay along with everyone. And there were unusual issues going on. She had weird individuals arriving to our place just about all the time and we were honestly becoming afraid. So, we had to toss her out again. It was a chaotic scene getting her out. It was in fact a real chaotic thing which i actually ended up being apart of. I had to actually struggle with my high, vicious sis in order to get her out of the house. It ended up being a true showdown and all over these drugs.

I just can’t ever go further down into that, it can be way too hurtful. The point is that I want help healing from all of this. I want to Nar-Anon, this support group meeting program for people young and old with family members who are substance addicts. I realize that Nar-Anon will most likely assist me, yet precisely how will I locate Nar-Anon meetings? I have hardly any notion regarding exactly how in order to get about exploring anything like that. It’s certainly not like looking for a specific chain of restaurant. How would I discover Nar-Anon meetings? The sooner I find out the more rapidly I may get started in the uncomfortable restoration process.

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