Drug Abuse and HIV

There is simply a immediate connection between drug use and HIV. Sharing needles in drug use boosts, appreciably, the chance for having HIV. Human immunodeficiency virus isn’t just contracted via unprotected intercourse, it is typically distributed via bodily fluids like the exchange that happens whenever needles are shared.

One of the most widely used drug associated with HIV is definitely heroin. Users regularly employ the drug through iv means, which usually means they use needles to acquire the drug into their system by administered it into their veins. While these needles are shared, numerous things can end up being propagated, including HIV.

Numerous heroin users inject heroin with other people, which often give rise to how often of needles remaining shared. For this reason a number of local community programs supply users with all new needles-to lower the spread of HIV. The most effective community program to employ, however, can be a rehab or perhaps treatment plan to get off of heroin and into rehabilitation from heroin addiction.

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