Crystal Meth Facts

The single most significant details to understand about crystal meth is that it kills. Crystal meth is a highly processed, man-made substance. One of the primary components of crystal meth is methamphetamine. Users normally blend crystal meth with many other narcotics to experience a “better” and longer lasting outcome. Just what they may possibly never understand is that often these blends could be poisonous. Everything from paralysis to fatality might result from producing these narcotic blends.

Some warning signs of crystal meth misuse include rapid breathing, dilated (oversized) pupils, loss of appetite, seemingly unlimited energy in addition to jaw tightening. Long term users can become violent and have problems with fear, hallucinations and in some cases brain injury.

The bodily connection between crystal meth on the human body may be long term. Anyone who has seen both before and after photos of crystal meth users has seen just how speedily the human body deteriorates from crystal meth use.

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