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Finding New Friends in Restoration

Restoration is the time that employs entering therapy for a drug or alcohol addiction. It is the beginning of a completely new way of life. It is suggested that they make several changes in their lifestyle when a person enters into recovery. One of the… Continue reading

Is ecstasy addictive?

Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, can be a powerful entactogenic drug. ‘Ecstasy’ describes the street drug that usually will come in pill form. It’s a synthetic drug that has amphetamine-like properties. It is also a powerful hallucinogenic. Inspiration is often useful for recreational purposes to… Continue reading

What’s the Principal Message of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous, the original 12-step program, was created in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Physician Bob Smith. Considering that the first Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) group, the program has expanded and reached out throughout the world. Many individuals have discovered success in beating alcoholism through working… Continue reading

Home Cleansing

You will find thousands of people throughout the world with massive addictions to drugs and alcohol. A lot of people destroy their lives as a result of these habits. Fortunately, a number of people eventually understand what addictions are doing with their lives and find… Continue reading

Is a sober-living home a good idea?

There are plenty of persons who are coming out of rehabilitation treatment for alcoholism or an addiction problem who are onto the next stage of their recovery. That next stage of recovery involves living in real life minus the drugs or alcohol. This step could… Continue reading

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